At the company meeting a few weeks back, Microsoft announced a new bus service for employees.  The buses have wifi access. One of the pick up spots is 1.6 miles from my house. 
I'm always happy to let someone else do the driving.  I need to get some logistics worked out, but I'd like to ride my bike back and forth to the pickup, and possibly from the transit center to my building on campus.  I'd like to buy a road bike to complement my mountain bike.  I'd like a lot of things.

But I digress. 

Today I took the new Connector bus.  The route I take to work is probably 20 minutes faster than the route the bus took.  I used the wifi on the bus, and found that its throughput was pretty good:


They had some pretty good swag for this batch of riders:  I got an umbrella, a travel mug, and a bagel.  They had espresso waiting for us when we arrived on campus.

I really liked the idea of just snoozing or surfing while commuting instead of focusing on driving.  Will use again.