I'm getting ready to fly down to Vegas tomorrow for Interop, so I thought I better take a minute and recap the trip I made last week to Los Angeles for WinHEC.

WinHEC is the Windows Hardware Engineers Conference, so the audience was pretty specialized and the NAP presence was pretty small.  I had a few people come up with some specific questions after they'd seen NAP demo'd at the keynote - usually with "should we use Cisco ACS or your NAP?" types of questions.  I had a hardware vendor come up to me with questions about how to assure their 802.1x switches will be NAP compatible, and what they should do so that their other network attached devices can participated in a NAP'd network.

My hotel was about a mile from the convention center, and the weather was cool, so I decided that I'd walk back and forth between them instead of taking a taxi or conference shuttle.  Missing Persons once released a song called "Nobody Walks in LA" and after this trip I understand why - twice I had to jump out of the way of cars turning left that weren't going to yield to pedestrians.

On the first day I encountered something else interesting on my walk - as I approached an intersection the road I was on was closed to traffic on the other side.  I saw a lot of people standing and walking over there, so I decided it was safe for foot traffic, and continued passed the barricades.  I felt like a lot of people were staring at me, but I ignored it and kept walking.  There were a bunch of people on yellow bikes driving around on the close off street, which seemed a little odd, I thought maybe it was a parade or event of some sort.  I passed a cop, who gave me a bit of a staredown, but I kept walking.

About halfway up the block a man approached me and politely said "sir, we're shooting - there's a camera on that cart ahead."

It was only then that it finally occured to me that I'd walked on to some kind of film set.

I hurriedly crossed to the other side of the street so I wouldn't interrupt the camera or the people walking towards me that were being filmed.  Once I got across it was so obvious - I saw a couple differenct camera dollies, a catering table set up with breakfast - man, how did I miss all that the first time?

The conference ended with an attendee night at Universal Studios.  They had just a small section of the park available to us exclusively, which was nice - there were no lines for the rides and all the food and drinks were complimentary.

They need to take a look at that Jurassic Park River Ride though, there's something seriously wrong there.  Raptors loose and chasing our boat, poisonous vapors escaping from some kind of fuel building that nearly exploded - we were lucky to get out just a little wet.