(I'm cheating a  little bit.  This post is a variation on an email that was sent to all the IT Evangelists as part of a weekly mailing my team at corp is doing.)

I’m getting ready to head to WinHEC today and Interop next week to do some demos for the NAP team, so since that’s at the top of my mind, I thought I’d share some interesting tidbits about how NAP plays well with others.

Network Access Protection (NAP) Third-party integration

Hopefully you’ve heard of NAP already.  The NAP UI was recently retooled in Longhorn B3 and is much easier to use and configure now.  Vista already includes the client side components, and a Windows XP client is in beta.

Our internal IT group has begun a NAP rollout, so I've already seen it in action on production machines:

· Checking  the compliancy, or health, of machines

· restricting access to the network for unhealthy machines

· providing remediation to make machines healthy. 

The story we probably don't tell enough is how we’re working with other ISV’s and network infrastructure providers to make NAP a solution that plays well with the technology customers already have in place:

· NAP integration with Cisco NAC

· Network switches that support 802.1x and RADIUS for authentication can use NAP to control access to the network.

· Trend Micro, Symantec, and other antivirus vendors are writing System Health Agents so their products can report health and compliancy to NAP. 

· Altiris, ManageSoft and a host of other patch partners are working on NAP support for client remediation. Of course, NAP works with Update Services and Configuration Manager as well.

Get started

The NAP page on TechNet

A nice product overview

Cisco NAC relationship and interoperability whitepaper

Complete list of NAP partners

Step-by-Step guides to configuring NAP in a lab

NAP team blog



NAP the world!

If you happen to be at WinHEC or Interop, come by the exhibition booth for NAP and say hi!