I was catching up on some feed reading today, and found this entry from one of my associates, who also got called to Jury Duty last Monday.

HIs story is a little better than mine.  I was there for 2 days, and was selected for a case panel on both days.  The first day I was released by the prosecutor, and the second day, I was juror #40, and the attorneys ran out of releases before they got to me.  Just barely.  Only juror 39 and I weren't released or selected.

As it turns out, I have some strong opinions, and that's exactly the kind of thing that make it likely that a lawyer will prefer not to have you in the jury box.

Sounds like John got through his case pretty quickly.  Both of the panels I was on promised to be short cases.  The first judge expected one day of evidence and a second day to deliberate.  The second judge expected to have all evidence presented in the morning and deliberation that afternoon.  The first case was a 'posession with intent to deliver meth' case and the second was 'violation of a court order in a domestic abuse' case.  As with John's case, that's really all the detail we were given during the selection panel.  In both cases, the defendant was there in the courtroom, which I didn't expect.

The first case's defense attorney was the model image of the slick, hotshot defense attorney you see on TV.  He had entered the jury bios for all 40 of us on his palm pilot, and quickly pulled up juror's details as he spoke to us.  Very slick.

All in all, as my first exposure to the court system, it was a fascinating way to spend two days.  Several times we were reminded about how a jury of one's peers is a cornerstone of the legal system in our country.  The jury services manager reiterated this to us, then admitted that it's hard to look us in the eye and say that, and then only give us $10/day.  That doesn't even cover parking in the city.

Oh, and when I got home on the second day, I had another summons waiting for me, this time for next week.  What are the odds that in ~17 years of eligibility, my only 2 jury duty selections would come within a month of each other?

I cause to decline though - WinHEC is next week.  Come see me at the NAP booth.