The whole month of April came and went without a post here.  Fresh on the heels of my display of superiority over Steve when he nearly missed the month of February.


I spent half the month on vacation, so you really can't hold that part against me - someone shouldn't have to blog when they're away, unless you're Raymond, but cues up a bunch of entries early and schedules them to post, so he's still not posting when he's vacationing.

As for the other half of the month?  Well, it was just busy, ok?  We're deep in the throes of FY08 planning and trying to close out some FY07 stuff.  I'm trying to get a couple of new Channel9 interviews out, and I'll be traveling this month to a couple of conferences.  My friends on the NAP team have invited me to do some demos for them at the upcoming WinHEC and Interop conferences, so let me know if you're going to be at either, and let's try and meet up.

One of the challenges I have now that I'm corp based is that I don't get to talk to customers as much about the projects they're working on, and I love hearing how you're using new technologies.

Oh, and I just spent the last two days in Jury selection panels.  I wasn't selected for either Jury, which is fortunate (for me anyway), as there's just so much work going on that it was going to kill me to be away from the office any more than I already have been.

In both panels, defense attorneys asked me to explain my job title.  I think that's my favorite part of being a Technical Evangelist - the double take when people ask me what I do.

Well, that and the free t-shirts.