Another interview I did for Channel9 is up, this one an interview with two of the guys at Microsoft that make our intranet go.  We ended up talking a lot about just the sheer scale of our SharePoint deployment, and what it takes to upgrade and backup an install of that size.

You can view the interview here.

For those of you keeping count, this is my third interview on Channel9, following this one and this one.

My Channel9 interviews are really something of an experiment - the content is IT Pro focused, but Channel9 is traditionally a developer portal.  Generally speaking, the viewership is pretty good, so either the content has broader appeal than I expected, or IT Pros are willing to visit a dev portal to view content.  Or something else entirely, I don't know.

Is it ok for me to leave the content where I'm putting it?  Should I find a home for my interviews on  Should I quit doing them all together?  Should I do more?  Who else should I interview?