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I've been with Microsoft, as a technologist, for over 10 years. Occasionally, I stumble across a nugget that I think others will find interesting. I put those nuggets here.

March, 2007

  • Announcement Rumor

    Ok, I thought the blogging embargo on this wasn't going to be lifted until mid-next week, but since everyone seems to be posting about it, I'll add my two cents: yes, it's amazing, and yes, we've known about it internally for a little while, but couldn...
  • testing 1, 2, testing

    I'm testing the 'delay publishing until' feature of Community Server. There's some pretty cool news coming out this weekend, but I'm going to be away from the computer, so I want to blog it now and schedule the post to go up after the announcement is...
  • big data

    Another interview I did for Channel9 is up, this one an interview with two of the guys at Microsoft that make our intranet go. We ended up talking a lot about just the sheer scale of our SharePoint deployment, and what it takes to upgrade and backup an...
  • special guest host

    I got to be a guest blogger on the NAP team blog today. You can read my post here .