Another Channel 9 interview has gone live, this time with the authors of the Vista Security Guide.  Check it out here.

This is a pretty ambitious undertaking:  Figure out what settings you can adjust in the OS that make it more secure than it is by default, but not so secure that it breaks applications from working.

Then, take that bundle of policies and package in up in a way that can be easily dropped in to an existing Active Directory in their own OU, so that all you have to do is move machines into the OU and the security settings are applied.

And then, release it all onto the web for free.

You can download the guide here.

For the future adventures of the Security & Compliance Solution Access team, check out their blog.  They recently released guidance specific to deploying BitLocker on Vista as well as a pretty slick forensics toolkit (both of which are mentioned in passing in the interview). 

thanks for the interview guys, and keep up the great work!