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I've been with Microsoft, as a technologist, for over 10 years. Occasionally, I stumble across a nugget that I think others will find interesting. I put those nuggets here.

January, 2007

  • Lock your bits

    One of the new security features in Windows Vista is BitLocker. The technology allows you to fully encrypt your hard drive, so that in the event that someone 'unsavory' gains possession of your machine, they won't automatically get access to all your...
  • Achievement unlocked

    piggybacking on Jeff's recent post about the potential for Achievements in other applications, may I suggest: the Achievement generator. Available here . Use the power only for good.
  • help me help you

    The Vista launch is coming up at the end of this month, and the Office team is launching a bunch of their stuff at the same time. I've scheduled a couple interviews for Channel 9 this week around those very topics. I'll be talking to the team that wrote...
  • 15 minutes... and counting

    my first Channel 9 interview got posted yesterday, check it out here . thanks to tonyso for the suggesting the content. more interviews to come, please let me know if there are IT projects at Microsoft you want to know about, and I'll go find someone...