After a brief two months (nearly to the day) in my office, I'm packing up today for a move into a new one.

I know people on campus get moved around a lot, but I don't think 2 months is a typical stay.

There's a subtle difference between my new office and my old one.  See if you can spot it:

my current office:

my soon-to-be-office:


I'm sure the clever among you figured it out immediately.  Yes, just 10 days short of my 9.5 year anniversary with the company, I'm moving into an office with a door on the left side instead of the right.

(also, it has 2/3rd of a window.  As you can see, the window overlooks...someone else's windows.  Ancient Seattle Indian lore states that 5 times a year, a great firey ball of yellow light can be briefly seen in the sky during the day.  I'm hoping to view this curiosity through my new window.)