so we announced something today.  some kind of partnership with Novell.  it appears to have cost us some amount of money.

I don't really understand yet what we announced though.  A former co-worker and oftentime lunch buddy, Thomas, called me to see if I could explain it to him.  I tried for a few minutes before admitting that I don't really know what we did, or why.

After I got off the phone with Thomas, I went looking around for people with bigger brains than mine to have them explain it to me.  The first one I found was Steve Cellini, a man with a huge brain who is, almost certainly, the best skip level manager in the entire universe.  He is also very handsome and has exquisite taste. (Steve's blog is looking noticeably dusty.  He appears to be keeping up a general manager tradition of dead blogs started by his predecessor.)

Steve wasn't able to help me out.  He knew an announcement had been brewing, but he wasn't up to speed on the details, and was unable to provide me with much information.  I suspect that the details are very complex and he just didn't want to embarrass me by going into a high level of detail that he knew I wouldn't be able to understand.  Or maybe he doesn't get it either.  Hard to say.

Some time later today, an email will go out to all MS employees from Steve Ballmer, marked confidential, that will explain the reasons behind the agreement.  (5 seconds after receiving the confidential mail, someone will leak it to the Register, where a witty, sarcastic article will paint Microsoft in the worst light possible for entering this agreement)

Ballmer's mail will clear thinks up for me perfectly, at which point I will update this post and share the clarity.


Steve got back to me with a succint document that clearly explained what we were doing.  The Register also published a predictable article.