I've been quiet on the blogging front lately as I get deep into the day to day business of my new role.  I'm currently trying to get a functional spec written up for a new offering we want to make available.  I don't think I've written a spec since back in my MCS days, so it's been a good mental exercise to try and remember everything that I need to keep in mind - are my requirements specific/measureable/achievable/realistic/timely (SMART)? 

I'm a big proponent of the CASE (Copy And Steal Everything) method of content creation, so I contacted the wise Philip Richardson to see what he was using as a spec template.  He sent me a very nice 21 page template, complete with inline instructions on how to complete each section.  The hardest part for me in creating a document is figuring out how to start, so having everything laid out nice and clear made it much easier to jump in and start writing.

I need to get this finished in the next day or two so I can get it reviewed before we provide it to the vendor to see what it's going to cost to build.

It's going to be totally cool.