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I've been with Microsoft, as a technologist, for over 10 years. Occasionally, I stumble across a nugget that I think others will find interesting. I put those nuggets here.

June, 2005

  • too many FSMO's

    One of the goals for Active Directory was to get away from the 'only one writeable copy' Primary Domain Controller concept we had in NT, and make it so that AD changes could be made on any DC and they would get replicated around. A great idea, except...
  • like Gazoo, for Windows Admins

    I had an eagerly awaited delivery arrive today: the brand spanking new Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit. I've been using NT resource kits since the NT 3.5 days, and have always thought of the books as my own personal Gazoo. The Great Gazoo , for those...