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October, 2007

  • All The Logging In The World

    There’s normal troubleshooting and then there’s the stuff you do when the basic troubleshooting doesn’t get things resolved. Normal troubleshooting can be things like selecting “last known good” on a reboot after installing a new driver and having a blue screen. Or perhaps uninstalling and then reinstalling an application, or altering settings for the application or operating system to alleviate a problem. Sometimes we have to dig in and find out more. Many admins out there in the world live that every day. Which is why we add methods to find out more into our products. This post is all about listing all of the data gathering methods that a Directory Services person may ever need to know. Since there are so many it will be difficult to organize well in one uber post but I’m going to put out here for you all anyway, disorganized or not.
  • Kerberos Constrained Delegation, FE and BE Servers Must Be In Same Domain

    This has come up several times, and I suspect will continue to do so occasionally. So I thought I’d post about this real quick in order to get the word out and also make sure that I don’t give the wrong answer on this to someone again (I forgot, gave...