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October, 2006

  • Short Post...Domain Join

    A common thing we need to deal with as Directory Services people is difficulty adding a client as a domain member, also known as ‘domain join’. For Windows SKUs which support being a domain member this is the first step into having the computer take advantage...
  • CeeKwuhl and Kurbyeros

    The last few posts we talked about authentication, specifically Kerberos. Some of the most lengthy support incidents we can see are the ones where our Directory Services folks are contacted by our SQL support team to assist with authentication failures. So let’s talk about troubleshooting those types of issue. Now, for those out there that have looked on the web on this topic, you know that there is some good info out there. I will discuss some of that, add some more, and tie it together a bit to make troubleshooting these issues more linear, less confusion.