Advanced URL filtering is an important part of a defense in depth strategy on your Application Layer Firewall to be able to properly secure, management and monitor users access to malware, phishing sites and URLs based on catagorization and intelligence.

We have a ton of partner plug ins to choose from in this space that integrate with the ISA 2004 infrastructure.  Soon you will also have the option to get many of these great security enhancements from Microsoft too!  We have announced the aquisition of technology from an ISA 2004 Partner, Futuresoft!  Here are some Q&A from the Press Announcement with our VP of Security and Access Solutions, Ted Kummert:

What role does the acquisition of the DynaComm i:filter Web-filtering product play in strengthening Microsoft’s security product offering?

Kummert: This is a product that enables business customers to manage access to the Web in their environments. In addition to productivity concerns associated with unmanaged Web access, phishing attacks, malicious Web sites and other Web-based threats are leading to a growing security concern for our customers. Consequently, enabling customers to manage Web access in their environments is an important area of focus for our edge security offering. The acquisition of FutureSoft's DynaComm i:filter technology is another example of our broader commitment to providing a more comprehensive and integrated security offering to our customers while simplifying the user experience.

PressPass: Why did you acquire DynaComm i:filter from FutureSoft?

Kummert: We were impressed with DynaComm i:filter’s rich database and comprehensive management feature set. We believe this product will help us better address customer needs for more secure and productive Web access. It’s a product which already integrates with ISA Server and we will be looking at ways to deepen that integration, and simplify the user experience. Though it won’t be made available immediately, this product will help us deliver an additional layer of defense to our customers in future releases. We’ve acquired only the Web filtering product from FutureSoft. The company remains independent following this product acquisition.

For the full press announcement around this and some other exciting announcements (including the availability of a public beta for ISA 2006!) go to:

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