In the few hours my new blog has been up I have recieved a few emails indicating (or implying) that I should consider anonymous comments.  My opinion on comments is that I am out here sharing my thoughts, opinions and experiences and if someone is interested in providing feedback via comments they should be willing to take some level of a similar stake.  I do not want to discourage comments in any way.  There are those people that will want to leave serious comments of any kind and those that do not and I hope to minimize the latter.  I also like to know who I am talking with!  So anyone that is signed into TechNet can leave comments.  Don’t know how to sign in?  Look for the ‘Join’ on the web page and spend 15 seconds signing up!  Anyone can do it (not just MS employees)!  I look forward to sharing with and (hopefully) recieving comments from many people!